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  1. DressageCalculator does not save any personal information about you in general use.
  2. If you subscribe, we put your email in a database for use in sending occassional updates or contacting you re availability of trails. We do not set you up as a user or track your usage in relation to that email.
  3. We save some information in your browser about dressage tests used to speed up your experience.
  4. We use google to see when and which country people have visited us from so we know which tests to upload next.
  5. We provide links to facebook and twitter pages from dressagecalculator.

Cookies and Local Storage

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device that allows us to remember what you last looked at.

We use Google Analytics (that uses cookies), to help us understand how is being used, which pages are being visited, how long is spent on each page etc. so we can keep making it better. We also store whether you have viewed the home page, so you don't have to visit it every time.

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