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Our Why

Our mission is to provide Dressage Riders and Show Organisers with the tools to relieve some of the stress and pain of Dressage Scoring to make the scoring and calculating process as easy and simple as possible.

There is nothing worse than realising you have been better placed in a competition but your score was miscalculated. We really wanted to solve this problem. It is one that has frustrated dressage riders and show organisers for years.

Our leadership team are both dressage competitors and show organisers, so we know personally the pain dressage competitors and show organisers go through when it comes to scoring!

We provide an easy-to-use scoring tool so that you can quickly get the score of your test without worrying about making mistakes. Our web app has over 500 tests from all over the world.

What is DressageCalculator?

DressageCalculator is a web app for scoring dressage tests. The DressageCalculator allows anybody at any level of Dressage competitions to score their test. Our Unique Selling Point is anyone can score a dressage test quickly, accurately and with ease. DressageCalculator is designed to be a tool that supports show organisers, judges and competitors by giving them, quickly and accurately score dressage tests.

Our Goals

We have spent months designing, testing and fine-tuning this product so that it is accurate, easy and reliable for all riders. We're proud to say our that any person can score a dressage test accurately with our app. Developed by tech specialists with years of experience as dressage competitors and show organisers!! Our powerful features and simplicity of use make it effective for everyone from beginners up to Grand Prix riders. Our aim is to make our app the default tool used by show organisers and competitors worldwide starting here in Ireland.

Dressage Calculator is developed by HorseTech.ie. We are currently working on other equine related apps including a full dressage show management system and an app for tracking images of your horse. Do get in touch with any ideas or feedback.


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