How we round the final score

Rounding is a process by which numerical values are adjusted to a specified level of precision. For dressage scores we round to 2 or 3 decimal places.

To change between 2 and 3 decimal places click the settings button on the calculator and choose your precision.

In and, we use a specific method called Banker's Rounding, also known as unbiased rounding or round half to even. This method is commonly used in statistical analysis.

In Banker's Rounding, if the number to be rounded is exactly half way between two other numbers, it is rounded towards the nearest even number. For example is you wanted your final score using 2 decimal places, 61.125 would be rounded down to 61.12 but 61.135 would be rounded up to 61.14. This method reduces the bias that could occur from consistently rounding up.

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